SOLUTIONS Endless Possibilities.... Tally Solution Provider   Authorized TP, TSP, TI & TE Copyright © 2008 RK Solutions Best Resolution in IE 6.0 (at 1024 x 768 pixels) Marketing Office: No.70/4, Burkit Road, T.Nagar, Chennai - 600 017. Ph: +91-44-27467278 Mob: +91-9789495540 Mob: +91-9789495541 Mob: +91-9791037239 Head Office: No.209,Sarada devi St, A.A.Nagar, M.G.Nagar II & III, West Urappakkam Chennai - 603 211. Branch Offices: Bangalore Mr. ARUN Mob: 09036191863 Hyderabad Mr.ARUL Mob:09003026840 International Offices: Singapore Mr.NATHAN PH.: +6583836400 Dubai Mr. MANOJKUMAR Mobile No.: +971507584380 Tally.erp 9 is one of the simplest accounting software,any person having a good commerce background knowing basic of  accounting can handle it easily however notice people and esp. those who have a different back ground found it very difficult to  create ledger and post entries in tally. Excel is the simplex Microsoft application and any one can handle it very very easy. as in Excel, all you need is just to feel up the  cells and save it! So, what about if there is an utility that you type entries in excel then import the same in tally ? Is it hard ? yes really hard but I made it easy for you. I have developed an utility a very simple utility for you guys now you don’t need to learn  tally. All you need is just download the utility. The utility is simply superb as per screen shot shown in the figure, all you need is just to type your entries in excel sheet. then fill up the required details and hit the import button and your entries will be posted direct to  tally. No worry to see if the ledger is not created in tally. The utility will check itself and if ledger is not created, it will create the same  automatically. Don’t know tally ? want to to know how to post voucher entry in tally ?  I have been found to many inquiring about how to import entries in tally.erp 9  It is a utility which allows Tally Users to Export Bulk entry of Excel to Tally speedily. Interesting Features:  Bulk Entry from DATA entry in Excel to Tally 7.2, 9 and ERP (After DATA Entry 5000 Entries per 2 Min.) Detects Ledger not created previously in tally company.  Automatically creates New Ledgers.  He has prepared a very useful utility for those who are not familiar with Accounting principles or Tally.erp 9 and are struggling  here and there to learn Tally.erp 9.  By using this utility, just enter the vouchers or ledgers in Excel and import it direct to the Tally.erp 9. No in-depth Accounting  knowledge is requires  Features:  Multiple debit & credits in one transaction Exports transaction more than 10,00,000 at a time  Imports ledgers from tally  Highlights ledger names in transactions in excel which are not available in tally.  Allows creating ledgers not available in tally at run time  System requirements:  Windows xp Tally 7.2 / tally 9 / tally erp Excel 2007 RAM : 256 MB (512 MB or higher capacity recommended)  How to use:  Provide financial year (viz. 2008 – 09, 2009 – 10, 2010 – 11)  Tally open method  a. Auto (it will open tally automatically) (Tally version, tally path, data path, company no., and company name must be as per tally)  b. Manual (your company in tally must be open)  (It Won’t Check Company Name In Tally)  Provide tally version (viz. Tally 7.2, tally 9, tally9.erp)  Tally path (eg. C:\tally\tally72.exe ) Tally data (eg. C:\tally\data\ ) Company no.  Company (as given in tally)  Click data entry in excel to tally menu Enter you transaction or copy transaction from other excel sheet as per given columns  Click export to tally in excel to tally menu If any ledger is not available in tally it will be highlighted.  a. To create those ledger click create ledger in excel to tally menu or  b. If you don’t want to create  change name of that ledger in tally and then click import ledger list in excel to tally menu after  importing ledger, follow from step no. 10 above.